About Us

After over a year of fighting the three proposed luxury developments in the Two Bridges Waterfront, Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), Tenants United Fighting For Lower East Side (TUFF-LES), and CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, have gained enormous support from local residents, elected officials and allied community-based organizations.  In August 2017, the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center sent a letter on behalf of GOLES, CAAAV, TUFF-LES, Lands End One Tenant Association (LEOTA) to the Department of City Planning (DCP) demanding that they overturn their decision to allow these developments to go through an illegal and made-up process for approvals.  We will continue to apply pressure to the Department of City Planning and City Planning Commission (CPC) to follow the law and protect the communities they are meant to sure, gaining community-wide recognition and support.

Recognizing that the proposed developments are part of a larger pattern of growing gentrification forces in the Lower East Side waterfront, in tandem with our legal strategy, CAAAV, GOLES, TUFF-LES, and Manhattan Community Board 3 will also be submitting a rezoning plan to ensure long term protections for the waterfront.  The community-led rezoning of the waterfront is based off the Chinatown Working Group (CWG) plan SubDistrict D.  After working on the CWG plan with the community for close to a decade, we are excited to start implementing the community’s vision of their neighborhood and to ensure that our vibrant community remains a safe haven for the low income working class community that built it.